Matt’s Lunch 9-30-08: These Chips Are Getting Old

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Those chips were old. They have been disposed of.

This photo actually has a surprisingly pleasing “film grain” as it goes out of focus in the rear of the frame… I guess that’s what you get when you shoot 3.2 megapixel Sony CrappyCams.

Matt’s Lunch 9-28-08 – Bad Karma

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Forgot to put this one up yesterday. I ain’t proud of it. But I’m getting a little tired of the HT subs, but I’m still too lazy to plan ahead and bring anything – so you get stuff like this.

BBQ Pork Sandwich from Harris Teeter!  Mmmmm!!

BBQ Pork Sandwich from Harris Teeter! Mmmmm!!

While mowing the back lawn I passed our old pear tree.  Most years it’s pears were either eaten by critters or didn’t produce or were killed off by an early frost.  Well this year they’ve survived!

I wasn’t sure if they were edible pears or not so I tenatively tasted one.  It was fine, nice juicy and sweet.  So that’s what I’m having for a snack today.

Matt’s Lunch 9-26-08: Proud of my Preamp Edition

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I built an a12 preamp kit from – and I am very proud of it. brought it in to show John today. And that’s my lunch on top.

My lunches have gotten pretty simple in the last few days.  Hopefully that’ll pickup next week.  (fingers crossed)

Matt’s Lunch 9-25-08: ARRGGH!

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Sonic Cheeseburger. Not pictured are a strawberry lime sprite and tater tots. Why are tater tots only a kid-food? They’re pretty awesome, as far as fried potato things go.

The HT sandwiches haven’t been really all that appealing to me this week for some reason.

Also, 500 bonus points if you can think up a funny caption for this photo.

Matt’s Lunch 9-24-08

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philly ish foodproduct. late lunch today, as I had a bagel + coffee this morning.

Turkey and Cheddar Sandwich, BBQ Chips, Applesauce and Coke

Turkey and Swiss Sandwich, BBQ Chips, Applesauce and Coke

Matt’s Lunch 9-23-08: Nashville Panic Edition

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So the out-of-towners who read this blog will find this amusing…
Nashville freaked out on Friday and everyone in the city filled up their Hummers to the brim. This of course added to the slight shortage we were experiencing due to Hurricane Ike, and consequently, ALL OF NASHVILLE (and nowhere else) was completely out of gas all weekend, and finding a station with gas around here is still a slightly dicey situation. I was busying myself by singing “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas,” but substituting “Apocalypse” instead of the aforementioned christian holiday. Weird times.

Anyway, I went to sonic today and got their Sante Fe Grilled Chicken Salad. It has a yummy black bean salso on top. And (inexplicably) an onion ring.